CHQuilts: December 2021

Friday, December 17, 2021

Latest project-scrappy pot holders/hot pads

CHQuilts: Scrappy pot holders
A friend of mine was shopping for oversized pot holders to purchase as Christmas gifts for family members. She said she had been given some and liked how they could be used either as pot holders or as table pads for hot pans. 

When she asked if I was interested in making a couple for her, I hesitated, but only for a moment.

I don’t usually make anything to sell, though that might be a good idea. I generally just make quilts and quilted items for the pure joy of creating them. I’ve given away some quilts, table runners, and other small items, but I’ve kept most of my projects because they represent a personal challenge to me. Often times, a new project introduces me to something I’ve never done before. I do love the process of quilt making, starting with the decision about the project itself. Each quilt I’ve chosen to make is picked for what I can learn; a method, technique, or skill I’d like to master. I also make quilts to retain my sanity. Quilting is therapy at the same time that it challenges me.

So when my friend came to me with this new request, it fit the bill and I was up for it.

I already had insulated batting that I had purchased years ago for the purpose of making pot holders, but just never did. Of course, I already had fabric and batting in my stash. It was just a matter of figuring out how to make what she wanted. I settled on a scrappy string design.

These measure about 11 inches square. I liked how they turned out. I like the way they look. In fact, I think my kitchen is crying out for a couple of turquoise ones. I may just get on that.